Best Buddies Kennel

At Best Buddies Kennel we love puppies... We know you do too!

I have to confess, Pomeranians are my first love.  I got my very first one from my Auntie for my 7th birthday.  He was a tiny bundle of fluff and we named him Pogo.  Pogo lived to the ripe old age of 17,  probably because my Mom spoiled him and took the absolute best of care of him on my behalf.  In fact, she wouldn’t let me take him when I moved out of the house. I have had many dogs since him, but Pomeranians are absolutely the best pet there is, in my opinion. 

So, in 1995, I decided that I would like to raise Pomeranians.  I bought a little male that proved to be my next true love and in time found him a couple of nice ladies and the rest is the history of Best Buddies Kennel. 

As the years passed and my interest grew, I made it a point to get dogs that came from really good lines and eventually started to show a few of my own dogs.  My goal is to provide you with a really “showy” PET.

I understand everyone has their favorite breeds, but they all have one thing in common — all puppies love people!

So, mostly by accident and by request, I have added a few Dachshunds and Chihuahuas, staying true to my standards for quality and temperament.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here on the site.

I wish you years of unconditional love!

I have been licensed with the State of Missouri and with the USDA since 1997.

Whether or not you choose one of my babies, I strongly recommend that you get your new puppy from a licensed breeder. Licensed breeders have checks and balances that they must adhere to. There are inspectors from each agency that make unannounced visits to all licensed kennels. Their guidelines insure that when you buy from a licensed breeder your baby has received the care that you expect.

Who says you can't buy love?